REALTORS® + Fair Housing Equals Success -

REALTORS® + Fair Housing Equals Success


In this 60 minute course, we'll openly discuss the issues real estate professionals have with Fair Housing and how to fix it. We'll briefly discuss the "Testing the Divide" video and how to avoid being caught on camera violating Fair Housing. This will be a real discussion with a REALTOR® who has been tested before. I won't mince my words and I expect you to do the same. This course gives an overview of the various motivators and societal norms within differing cultures in the housing market. It provides you with the knowledge to better understand and work with different cultural groups without causing offense. The course covers differing sales techniques that lead toward success and outlines cultural taboos to avoid. You'll be encouraged to embrace diversity in your real estate practice and will learn about the people who make up the local market, their values, customs, real estate needs, and expectations.


Conference & Expo
Nov. 12-15, 2021 | San Diego

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