Resilience: Powerful Practices for the Journey Forward -

Resilience: Powerful Practices for the Journey Forward


In today’s mobile-centric society, the thought of leaving the house without your cell phone has likely never crossed your mind. Now imagine, voluntarily giving up your phone, buying a one-way ticket, and flying to a country you have never been. This is exactly what Christine Hansen set out to do. Armed with a few maps and unwavering trust in herself, Christine embarked on a journey about awareness, expression, life, love, and extraordinary challenges. Who we are is made up of our surroundings – join Christine as she recounts what would end up being a four month exploration through South America, testing her strength, resilience, and ultimately reinforcing the belief that even if things don’t go perfectly, your belief in yourself and others will lead you to paths better than you could have imagined. Are you ready to take the journey?  


Conference & Expo
Nov. 12-15, 2021 | San Diego

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