Storytelling 101: Creating the Experience that Delivers the Sale! -

Storytelling 101: Creating the Experience that Delivers the Sale!


Storytelling is the refined art we experience from an early age used to both entertain and teach us something. It is the Art of the Story that is selling homes in today's world- from setting the stage to the visual promotional mediums, to the words that are weaving together to take the buyer through an experience that makes them "need" that home. Today's homebuyer has been raised to live for the experience, they won't take a job they don't enjoy, they are not driven by logical investment, they are driven by whatever is going to make them feel good. Property descriptions and promotions are more than just "fact sheets" to today's buyers- they need it to "feel good" in order to get them to buy, and pay the price to capture that experience in their life. In this session you will learn how to hone in on triggers and the key words and images to build any description around, how to set your stage and wind your tale. Where to find easily available data and a support system for your storytelling and how to reach your audience.


Conference & Expo
Nov. 12-15, 2021 | San Diego

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