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Photo: Dan  Seidman

Dan Seidman

Managing Director Read Emotions! Barrington, IL


Dan Seidman is a certified Behavior Analyst and Managing Director of Read Emotions.

My mission is to give people access to information about others, which has never before been known – what they are thinking and feeling.

It’s important to know this when you’re trying to build constructive relationships whether leading, managing, coaching or selling. People often attempt to suppress their emotions. But there is “leakage,” known as micro expressions, which occur in 1/5th of a second. You can learn to see these feelings in a short time.

These skills have previously been used in law enforcement and military intelligence (CIA, INTERPOL, TSA, Air Marshals, etc.).

Dan’s organization has now re-designed this ability to elevate communication skills in order to improve individual and team performance.

Dan is a World Master’s Athlete with 3 gold medals playing on the U.S. basketball team. Like many elite athletes and business pros, he hates losing as much as he loves winning.


Conference & Expo
Nov. 12-15, 2021 | San Diego

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