Francisco Gomez Mansilla -
Photo: Francisco  Gomez Mansilla

Francisco Gomez Mansilla

President ERA Paraguay & Uruguay Paraguay



  • Marketing Master IE Business School (Madrid – Spain)
  • MBA IAE Business School (Buenos Aires – Argentina)
  • Strategic Brand Development (2009) IAE Business School.



  • ERA REAL ESTATE PARAGUAY: Era Real Estate is an international brand, hand in hand with Realogy, one of the largest real estate companies internationally that, like ERA, has other brands. It is also the brand's first experience in Latin America, which represents an even greater challenge for the firm.

CEO at: 

  • FORTALEZA S.A.: With 29 years of experience and testimonials from hundreds of investors who made their dreams come true, Fortaleza is a company that advances and grows day by day with its investors. It values savings as a commitment to the future and offers a flexible Investment and Savings system in Real Estate that proposes an alternative to capitalize on savings in a profitable option: a property of its own.

Board member at: Fiscrea, Amterra


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Nov. 12-15, 2021 | San Diego

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