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Yan Khamish

Managing Director, Capital Markets Partnerships Capital Markets Partnerships


Yan Khamish, Managing Director, Capital Markets Partnerships | CrowdStreet, Inc. Leads the development of alliances and strategic partnerships with senior real estate brokerage teams, global and national brokerage firms, technology firms, industry associations, capital advisors, private equity firms, debt funds, banks, law firms, top accounting, and consulting firms. CrowdStreet operates the leading online commercial real estate investment marketplace that gives accredited investors access to institutional-quality offerings and allows sponsors to raise capital and manage their investors, all online. To date, thousands of individual investors have committed over $2.5 billion across more than 534 projects. The equity raised on CrowdStreet is from passive investors allowing sponsors to retain control over their projects.


Conference & Expo
Nov. 12-15, 2021 | San Diego

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